“Dear all at our wonderful afterschool club, Thank you so much for making such a huge effort with our children after school. It is a huge testament to you all how much they drag their feet when we arrive to collect them. We are often blown away with what you manage to create with them after hours. Thank you.”

Reception Class parents, March 2024

“Thank you SO much for taking care of A during the evenings. She really enjoys playing, doing arts and crafts and hanging out with her friends. This would not be possible without your constant care and kindness”

December 2023

“Thank you so much for creating such a fun environment for H and K after school! They’ve made new friends and have improved their drawing/crafting skills… We keep all of them!”

December 2023

“Thank you for a fantastic care and making the after school club such a fun place to play, laugh, craft, bake and learn new things every day.” 

December 2023

“P is really loving After-School club. Thank you for making it such a fun and creative space.”

November 2023

“So many parents benefit from the lovely club you run and it’s great that more can take part now that you are expanding. Good luck with it all!”

May 2023

“Afterschool club is such an integral part of my son’s happiness and development. I am immensely grateful for the work you do with him – and the joy it brings him”

April 2023

“We are very aware of (and grateful for) the opportunities our daughter has had to come and play at Afterschool club. It’s made a huge difference to her, especially as an only child with no sibling playmates at home, and for us as working parents.”

February 2023

“Both my children have loved their time at Afterschool club. The staff are amazing, the children have made lasting friends and the kids have freedom to explore, run and play in an extremely safe setting. I am sad we will be leaving at the end of the year, both kids hold ASC as a special time in their lives”

February 2022

“I wanted to thank you deeply and genuinely for all the fantastic work you are doing with the children, they absolutely love their time at ASC and we are looking forward to coming back there at the start of the next school year!”

July 2021

” The Newcroft Club has been an amazing place for our kids over the past 9 years during our time in Cambridge and we are grateful to you and the rest of the club’s team for making it such a great place for them and for us!”

May 2021

“Thank you for a great ASC! I love the stories M brings home.”

December 2020

“I’m so pleased you are able to stay open.Thank you for your brilliant work at the afterschool and holiday club. M. absolutely loves going and wishes he could go 5 days per week. Or possibly 7 if he could have it his way! :)”      

November 2020

“Thank you for providing such wonderful childcare over many years. G. has always loved your afterschool club”

October 2020

” One of the major things that kept us commuting to school every day (following our relocation to a village outside Cambridge) this past year has been your club. Everything about your club has been fantastic for us – your approach, your compassion and warmth, your ability to notice details, your amazing art ideas…We will miss you A LOT and we will continue to come in the holidays”

August 2020

“Thanks so much for looking after (my son). He’s such a huge fan of Afterschool club and I feel it’s helped him gain more confidence”

July 2020

“Over the years T has come home with such great crafty things made at the club”

July 2020

”We’ve been incredibly lucky all these years to have such fantastic after school provision. Your energy, organisation and expertise is hugely appreciated and valued- and not just by us, but by hundreds of local families. Thanks a million!”

July 2019

My girls go regularly to the after school club and the holiday club. The team is absolutely fantastic – highly experienced, caring and enthusiastic with amazing approach to the kids. They have brilliant ideas for crafts and outdoor activities and my girls always enjoy being there. Thanks for looking after my girls 🙂 S”

September 2019

”It’s lovely to see what a varied and rich programme they have! My two love after school.Thank you to you and all your wonderful staff.”

November 2018